Career Opportunities in Manufacturing









If you’re looking down the road for jobs that pay well and are in high demand manufacturing is what you want to go into. Manufacturing is a very growing industry and we need a skilled work force to help support us and it’s not just production levels and production jobs that we need the growth we need engineers we need administrative support we need finance we need a technology folks to support our business. There are so many opportunities within the industry I see. This is just an exciting time for the young folks in the schools and the opportunities I think that the manufacturing sector that can provide students with just valuable careers where they can work with their hands, work with their minds, and problem solve.

Pays Well

Manufacturing is growing in this region. It pays well and it’s one of those jobs where it’s something that is always going be there. There’s always going to be new things being made, new things being created, new advancements and they’re always looking for people so as long as you can get in, learn what you’re doing, know how to do it right, you’re always guaranteed a job at a fairly decent wage.

There are wonderful opportunities in manufacturing. We have higher than average wages, in fact, if you look at the wages of regular jobs compared to manufacturing jobs they’re almost 70% higher on the median wage level. I think as long as you have a strong work ethic than you’ll be successful in this industry no matter what field you choose and you’ll be paid well for it.


As far as manufacturing and technology that exists it’s not the old post drills and the old medieval looking shops most everything that happens now in manufacturing is computer numeric controlled (CNC). The technology in our machining centers and businesses is very much state-of-the-art. Everything is computer based. All those machines are essentially a laptop computer. You have to know what the X, Y, Z axes are and G code. Manufacturing spans from the programming area all the way into the area where the guys are putting the stuff up on the table for cutting.

Technology Changing At A Mind-Boggling Rate

Manufacturing technology today is something we did not even think about even 20 years ago and I can’t imagine where it’s going to be in another 10 to 15 years. I love working in manufacturing. There hasn’t been one day that I woke up in the morning and haven’t been excited to come to work. I get to work with automation equipment every day and the variety or equipment is astounding. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands since I was little. Working with my hands and working with things has been in my blood and it’s the perfect field for me. The technology in this field is growing at such an exponential rate that what the future brings for technology like this is just going to be mind-boggling. It’s going to create more jobs and there’s definitely going to be more opportunities for more people to get involved. It’s expanding at an unbelievable rate.