Where we stand at Horry Industrial Alliance

Mid-year Review: Where We Stand

At one of our recent meetings, it was agreed upon with the group to provide you with an update for where we plan to go for the remainder of the fiscal year, and beyond.  The Horry Industrial Alliance is excited about the progress we have made throughout the year, and the promise of the future.  This post will help you understand where we stand.

The First Half of 2018

Since the beginning of the year, Jim Wilmore has been helping us prepare our initiatives for the improvements we have voted on last year.  Some of the improvement Jim is helping us, include:

  • Improvement to infrastructures to remain compliant with new codes and regulations
  • Ensuring the website and other web properties comply with the ADA standards
  • Business process management (BPM) improvements executed across the organization

We feel confident that Jim and his team will be helping to ensure that our properties and processes will be updated and modernized by the end of the fiscal year of 2019.

Remainder of 2018

One of our favorite members, Don Hardwick, has recommended some improvements for improving safety within some of our partners’ sites.  On-site requirements have been changing over the course of the past few years, and we must make corrective changes in order to provide safety and accountability across the board.

Interestingly, Don has found inspiration from unconventional locations.  From his recent trip to Charleston, he found that some centers are procuring disposable shoe covers from e-tailers now more so than traditional outlets (from trade magazines).  Don thinks this is a trend to watch for, and we’re making the appropriate connections in order to ensure the best possible pricing and arrangements for ensuring a healthy business relationship moving forward.

In addition, ideas centered around the use of internet of things (IoT) continuously is brought up, and we’re working with our technology partners for ensuring that we hit the ground running when these advancements in technology provide direct business value for our members.

Don and his team are doing a great job at spearheading these projects, and we’ll be sure to update you once we have solidified the right strategy for us moving forward.

What about 2019?

Though we are several months from ringing in the New Year, that hasn’t dampened our spirits for where we are headed.  Being the last year of the “twenty teens”, this is our opportunity to really make an impact and start the 2020s in style!

We have been in talks with local universities to start a research initiative as well as scholarships to collaborate in new ways to serve the greater good.  We feel that our team is headed in the right direction, and we’re excited about the opportunities to network with local residents, businesses and students to ensure that our alliance remains strong in the coming years.

In a word: technology.  Tech will remain a centralized focus for us as we innovate new strategies and match them to new opportunities to serve our members.  This year has been an exceptional one– with exceptional growth and opportunity– and we anticipate this momentum will carry us on into the next year.

Of course, we are always open to new ideas, and we welcome hearing new voices.  We encourage anyone with ideas for improving our alliance to reach out and either Linda or myself would be happy to speak with you in detail.

We look forward to your ideas and cooperation as we prove that 2018 has been a remarkable year for our alliance!