Rise of Carport Trend Across the Region

Carport picture

It came to our attention quite recently by member, John Flemming, that the rise of carports in the southern region is becoming quite remarkable.  Over the past 5 years, according to Google Trends, “carport” searches and purchases are reaching all-time highs.

In the South, we can see this trend taking shape.  For example, if you venture on the route to Charleston from Summerville, you will come across a variety of carports– and this is just from firsthand experience.  Beyond this locality, in South Carolina, carports are being purchased more and more as baby boomers are retiring and seeking shelter for their vehicles.

There are lots of varieties of carports– they come in all shapes and sizes.  For example, metal utility carports can be purchased as custom-built or bought in kits for self-assembly.  Carports can be found in, both, urban areas and rural areas, too.  Some offer steel garage buildings which are offered in a variety of styles and colors.

When we asked Tom Carol about the reason for his recent carport purchase, he said:

My wife and I just bought property on the countryside, and we have a camper.  With her having two vehicles, my truck, and the camper, we knew we needed something to protect us from the (sometimes) harsh weather we get here in the area.

I was looking at options online, and at first, I was actually thinking about constructing my own barn to be used to house our vehicles.  Then as I did more research, and speak with my would-be construction manager, we decided to go a different route.  Though, we might’ve saved a little money building our own carport, it just wouldn’t have been the same.  Plus, being that we’re retired, and in our later years in life, it seemed more suitable for us to get the carport done professionally, as the resale value (for our property) would be higher than if we would’ve built the carport on our own.  It came down to what was the most cost-effective, really.

According to the US Census Data, about 76% of households in the United States have some type of shelter for their vehicles (whether it’s a carport, garage, etc).  It is striking, to say the least, of the popularity of these shelter units across our Sate.  By looking the data, we can see that it’s not just in our State– it’s nationwide– and it’s a growing trend in our culture.

Carports aren’t just a fad anymore.  They are becoming common place, and it’s a trend you can’t deny.