Top 5 Places To Get Certified Forklift Training

In order to maintain safety in the work environment, employers need to employ people who have certified forklift training. A slight error with those big machines can cause serious property damages and also injuries to both the operator and other workers. Employers who comply with the industry rules must always hire trained and skilled workforce.

Benefits of undergoing forklift training

– Certified forklift operators save a lot of time transporting all kinds of goods carefully and steadily using minimal time. This enables faster business growth by using less time to get maximum profits. Fines relating to workers’ injuries are reduced with the money invested in other areas of the business

– Trained operators maintain the machines in a good condition to work all year. This is done by making sure the machines are used in their proper manner without any mishandling.

– Forklift training improves ones’ career opportunities in an already crowded job industry. Employers prefer certified and skilled workers over their uncertified counterparts because they want to reduce hazards at workplace and increase their productivity. Thus, a better pay for the certified forklift operator.

– Forklift trained professionals will have a better idea of what they are supposed to do. They prioritize safety, health and time in their workplace. This leads to improved morale to other workers and lower stress levels. Therefore increased production and services is realized in this kind of workplace.

– Trained forklift operators are less likely to cause accidents in their workplace. In case an accident occurs, the employer’s insurer will cover for the medical expenses. This is made easier if the operator has undergone certified forklift training and safety reducing the eventual compensation to the worker.

Here are some of the top 5 places for people aspiring to get forklift certification.

1. New Wave Training School

New Wave Training School in the United Kingdom offers a wide range of forklift training. They offer professional forklift training including reach truck, counterbalance, very narrow aisle and multi directional.

2. Forklift Training USA
Located in Clinton Township, Michigan, the institute offers students hands on training. They offer training in forklifts and aerial lifts in a professional and safe manner. Forklift Training USA complies with the rules and safety standards of OSHA.

3. Torcan Lift Equipment (USA)
Located in Toronto. 115 Rivalda Road. Torcan Lift Equipment offers training in safety related programs that meet professional standards as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Act regulations. They offer training in material and personnel lifting equipment. Once the training is complete, a certificate card and a manual with all materials undertaken in training are offered.

4. Forklift USA
Forklift USA is located in 2410 Kinmor Industrial pkwy NW. They offer forklift training in compliance with the rules and standards set by the OSHA law. Training can take less than 2 hours with the student offered a provisional certificate as well as an operator card immediately after completing the training class and passing the test given.

5. Raymond Corporation
Located in 22 South Canal Street, Green in NY, Raymond corporation offers e-Learning modules, Classroom classes, Virtual Reality Simulator Experience and, Hands-on demonstrations and instructions. They also offer training in forklift maintenance in compliance with the OSHA law.

Therefore. undergoing certified forklift training is very essential in many ways. Not only to the individual but also, the employer and other workers get to benefit from the expertise gained.