Where we Stand

I just wanted to provide an update for people who are wondering about the status of the Horry Industrial Alliance.   Horry County is a wonderful area and that’s why more and more people are gravitating towards residing in the area and growing a family.  That’s why here at the Horry Industrial Alliance, we are very aware of what it takes to keep good people staying here and coming here to start living in the great state of South Carolina!

By leveraging collaborative resources, we can provide our members with the right resources they need for new and existing Industries within the area.  By promoting enhanced environmental concerns and serving as an advocate for local and state and federal issues, the Horry Industrial Alliance is intuitively aware of all the comings and goings as it relates to repair services and the area and abroad.  Horry Industrial Alliance has always been aware of all the repair service men and women across the area that are entitled to having their company promoted across our membership.

We do a thorough complete job to ensure that all qualified service providers are assessed on a variety of factors to ensure that our members are given the most updated information about how they may be able to serve them.  Working alongside of variety of service repair companies we, are uniquely provided with information and resources to handle all to all of our members and adjoining partners.

The alliance serves in a variety of functions, but we can help you find the right qualified personnel and capable companies when it comes to repair services across the county.

The Horry Industrial Alliance started with humble roots, as you may be aware. The alliance was formed out of a necessity when a variety of members came across the idea that the industrial and repair industry desperately needed a voice in local and Federal jurisdictions.  The alliance came to be when a variety of founding members came across the idea for the alliance of all repair services needing to find capable personnel to join forces and provide the county with an alliance that is tied with brotherhood, prosperity, progress and unique features with benefits that provide all members and adjoining partners to help the residents of Horry County and supporting counties across the great state of South Carolina.

We do this so that we may be able to provide transparent information and resources to those people that are seeking qualified and respected repair services for nearly any type of repair job in the area.  The Horry Industrial Alliance is always seeking new and Innovative approaches and welcomes new perspectives to helping our members partners and Global Citizens approach their existing problems in a new way.  We hope that you will stay tuned two more enhancements to our website as a Horry Industrial Alliance moose forward in the next year.