Why It’s Important to Build Alliances in Business and Personal Life

I’m going to talk about how to build personal alliances for your business success and success in your personal life.

Didn’t Want to Reach Out For Help

So when I started in business when I started this whole journey 8 years ago I believe that you need to be able to figure everything out by yourself. You need to be able to do it all by yourself. Just figure out a business model, figure out what to do, figure out all the skills, just learn it yourself and be a true entrepreneur. That’s what I thought a true entrepreneur was and I wouldn’t get any help from anyone.

So after that I’ve discovered all these entrepreneurial self-help books and I learned the principle of you become the average of the 5 people who you surround yourself. I then got a mentor and I got results much quicker. Then I discovered there’s a next level there’s a level higher that allows you to get even more success in business. Not just surrounding yourself with peers not just surrounding yourself with mentors but going a step higher.

Find People Who Complement Your Skills

So one principle that I found, one technique that I found is building alliances. Find people in your life and get people in your life that will support you no matter what. Get people in your life find people in your life do whatever it takes to get people in your life who help you to get to where you want to be. Now what do I mean by this? It’s not just getting referrals for a business and it’s not just improving your sales. What I mean is you’re looking for people who you can call at anytime and they will help you. You’re looking for people who will talk behind your back and it will say good things about you. Why is this important?

Make An Alliance With a Coworker

Let’s use the example of jobs. If you have a job and work in a big corporation and you always walk around and you say I’m so awesome look how much I’ve accomplished I’m so fantastic I’m so great my skills are amazing look how much money I’m making for a company. People are going to hate you. But if you team up with someone and you’re friends, you’re an ally and you talk about each other to other people you always give compliments about this person to other people over and over and over that’s not bragging that’s not frowned upon and what will happen is people will start saying good things about you because someone else says it. Here’s the good thing this applies to business, as well.

If you use is in business and lots of people talk well about you and then someone thinks well I need to have something made and you happen to be a supplier of that then people come to you because you’re the person people talk about. In fact now I believe looking at the way business works right now it’s impossible to get sales almost impossible to get sales unless people are talking well about you. No just one person, but groups of people and once you’re starting to create groups of people that are talking well about you then you’re able to get sales much easier and your business will be able to grow much easier. It will be much easier to find employees and suppliers whatever you need everything just comes to seems to come to you when people talk well about you.

Speak Well About Others and They Speak Well About You

Now this makes your life much easier. This is where you want to get. This is the ultimate type of connection in my opinion that I’ve discovered so far and it’s super super powerful. Imagine if you have hundreds of people talking well about you and saying good things about you too older friends and so on, what will happen?

I’ll give an example, one of my clients found out about my business while he was standing in line at a McDonalds. A couple people were talking in front of him about my business and he became interested. So this happened because someone spoke well about me. If I started speaking in McDonalds and saying stuff about me no one really cares.

So how do you create these alliances? Now you need a level of friendship or people need to look up to you. The best way is to do a one on one and agree that you’ll speak well about them and they’ll speak well about you.

When you go to a marketing seminar, for example, you talk a little about yourself and a lot about your friend. Build each other up. Imagine if you do that with five people at the marketing event you’re going to have people knocking down your door to do business with you. This is human nature, this is how it works, and it works amazingly well.

If you have more techniques to build alliances contact us.